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Application Onboarding to IGA Solution – Factory Model

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

CredenceIA’s accelerated application onboarding model for IGA solutions

You may be considering modernizing your digital identity program by implementing IGA solution such as Saviynt or already have a program implemented and in need of an approach to expedite the execution. Both require an approach to rapidly onboard key applications to the IGA solution and to achieve your goals to reduce cost, contain risk, address compliance obligations, modernize technology, streamline business processes, and optimize operations.

What is Application Onboarding Factory for IGA Solution?

We have written about ways to prioritize and group applications in our Application Onboarding Methodology viewpoint. Organizations of various size and complexity have larger number of applications that need to be onboarded to the IGA solution to realize the intended outcomes. Once the applications are grouped and prioritized, it is the next step of developing an approach to follow a repeatable, reliable and efficient application onboarding like a manufacturing factory model.

CredenceIA follows standardized application integration model that allow clients of any size to onboard both SaaS (applications that have a connector available) and disconnected applications in continuous well-planned phases/sprints. Our approach is based on robust proven processes that allow efficient and standardized onboarding of any type of applications in rapid and cost-effective manner.

Application Factory Approach

CredenceIA factory approach takes into account our proven application onboarding methodology and extends it further to expedite integration of prioritized applications to the IGA solution. The factory model standardizes application integration patterns, leverages repeatable processes and subject matter expertise that allow our teams to onboard a large set of application in less time. The factor model is combined with efficient planning & management of phase or sprints. The approach is flexible enough to account for changes in priorities and unknowns.

CredenceIA factory model has resulted in a reduction of end-to-end implementation time by several weeks vs. traditional & dated ad-hoc/sequential approach. The approach is scalable for application of any volume.

We have transformed our client’s legacy user lifecycle solutions to a modern turnkey IGA solution within few months using the application methodology & factory model vs close to a year without such model. Most importantly, such an approach has allowed our clients to demonstrate value to the stakeholders without running into risk of languished IGA programs that show no result and become directionless.

CredenceIA application onboarding methodology:

New or Existing Initiative

Identity transformation projects are critical to an organizations. Any delays or missed opportunities result in longer implementation cycles, increased risk, missed opportunities and cost & time overruns.

CredenceIA’s application onboarding factory model is proven for both new and existing IGA solutions. For new identity transformation projects, we understand the importance of accelerated onboarding of key applications to achieve the desired business objectives. For companies who have existing implementation, our approach allows onboarding of new applications reliably with a proven onboarding approach.

CredenceIA teams have deep implementation experience for over 20 years – from home grown solutions, legacy (e.g. OIM, CA IdM), IdentityIQ, OneIdenity or SaaS based IGA solutions like Saviynt’ Enterprise Identity Cloud or SailPoint’s IdentityNow. Over two decades of experience has taught us the importance of planning and continuous execution. We have seen examples of implementations that take much longer or fail to realize the benefits of IGA product and services investments. IGA implementations can be complex, and it requires subject matter expertise to realize the full potential of the product and its capability. We have repeatedly demonstrated a successful project outcomes via application methodology and application onboarding factory approach that help our clients achieve their digital transformation initiative objectives.

The benefits of the factory model

  • Standardized approach to prioritize application with factors that matter to the organization

  • Repeatable approach that allow quicker application onboarding

  • Cost and budget savings realization due to avoidance of effort duplication

  • Flexible and scalable model that help onboard several applications within same sprint/phase.

  • Ability to provide direction to otherwise stalled IGA program

  • Reduce risk by realizing benefits of Saviynt (or other IGA solution) capabilities

CredenceIA Application Planning and Management Engagement

If you are considering starting an IGA implementation or have an existing solution in-place with or without a standardized IGA solution, a CredenceIA planning and management engagement can help.

Our engagement is designed to help you map out the key applications across organization, grouping and prioritization of the application by a repeatable framework that you can use. The flexibility of our approach allows you to prioritize applications and start onboarding as early as the first wave of applications are identified. Alternatively, we can work with you to complete the prioritization of all key applications across organization and start on-boarding. Regardless of the approach, what you get is clear direction and guidance from our expert team who work with you keeping your priorities in perspective.

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