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Managed Services

Day2 and beyond management of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution can be challenging and costly. We offer solutions and an experienced team that can manage your existing IAM ecosystem. We offer a different levels of Managed Services & Managed Support arrangements. Today's IAM programs are complex and risk is ever increasing.

CredenceIA IAM Managed Services

How Our IAM Managed Services Help Your Business?

CredenceIA Consulting provides comprehensive managed IAM, IGA and PAM services to organizations of all sizes. Our experts can help you develop, deploy, and maintain your IT infrastructure, keeping it up-to-date, operational and secure. Our managed services are important for your business, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Our IT experts will work with you to create a tailored strategy to make sure your operations are running smoothly.

Increase Efficiency

We provide high quality and efficient managed services, with a highly experienced staff that is well-equipped to operate your IT needs. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals that have been carefully selected based on their qualifications, enabling us to provide a wide scale of managed services.Our comprehensive service will help you to maximize your organization's potential and make your team stronger.

Predictable Pricing That help with Budget Management

Our team work as an extension of your team, looking after your interests & priorities. Get actionable strategic IT consultation. Stretch your budget, get better experienced team & expert insights w/o adding headcount. Our Managed Service cost is pre-defined making operational expense known and aid with planning and funding allocation. Leave IAM, IGA cost of implementation & support unknowns out.

Dependable & Proven IAM Managed Services You Can Trust

Our experienced experts work to plan, manage, report and monitor the technology & operations of your business, regardless of its size. Our Managed Services include:


Advisor (vCISO) as a Service

Hire an expert and invest in thought leadership for the betterment of your organization


RPA / Automation / Cost Reduction

Reduce and/or eliminate duplication, redundant processes. 
Achieve operational efficiency and lower time to value


Cybersecurity Service

From Managed compliance to access management (SSO, MFA) to continuous governance. This is a tailored customized offering


Staff as Service

Knowledgeable staff that fill in existing hard to find and retain roles and address knowledge gaps


Identity Governance as Service

Our award winning team manages your IGA deployment be it a legacy solution, homegrown or COTS such as Saviynt , SailPoint, OneIdentity


Environment Management 

Manage your existing implementation. Baseline, enhanced and advanced Options

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