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CredenceIA's Saviynt Solutions

Manage Identity and Access with Ease

Identity and Access Management Services

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CredenceIA’s identity focused services powered by Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) achieve its intended objectives of improving user lifecycle management and to have true identity-driven, secure and automated access governance model. CredenceIA with its award winning team help its clients to strategize, assess, plan and implement efficient user lifecycle processes including migration to cloud based solutions or green field implementations that allow our clients to meet their objectives while having value added insights on how to be efficient and keep on course.

A well-defined and executed identity access management initiative increases user productivity, reduce risk and increase business participation by streamlining operations, centralizing access and giving an intuitive approach for your employees, non-employees and external customers or businesses to access the applications and data they need to do their job.

CredenceIA accelerators combined with Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud platform allows you to:

  • Reduce onboarding time by up to 70% with simplified & efficient workflows and birthright automation

  • Centralized application management with factory model allow you to scale application onboarding that meet the demand

  • Drive automation that lower costs and fast track decisionsGain real-time identity risk profiles with additional data from other security platforms

  • Enable cross-mapping between regulatory initiatives, control frameworks and control types

  • Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) solution provides a preventive and detective SoD analysis capability, and out-of-the-box rulesets

  • This capability is further enhanced by CredenceIA’s in house team of experts who can customize rulesets when Saviynt rulesets are not available

  • Get a granular view of application risk to help maintain compliance readiness for ERP applications like SAP, Workday, Oracle, and other SaaS and on-premise applications

  • Protect Against Insider FraudAdopt Zero-Trust principles for any identity and app with Saviynt’s Privileged Access Management module to manage privileged access across your application ecosystem

  • CredenceIA's application integration framework allow any application to be integrated with Saviynt

Get in touch with the CredenceIA team to explore how we can assist with your IGA implementation advisory, planning and implementation needs, whether it's Saviynt IGA RFP support, implementation services, transitioning from legacy solutions to Saviynt, or revitalizing a stalled Saviynt implementation.

Thank you! We will be in touch!

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