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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a journey and requires the right focus, and a partner to be successful and realize ROI. Today's IAM programs are complex and risk is ever increasing. A right partner can be a game-changer. 

CredenceIA IAM Services

Scalable , Efficient and Cost Effective IAM Services that Benefit Your Business

Leverage our 22+ years of IAM experience to plan, strategize, compare & choose the right solution for your organization. We customize IAM Services to fit your business needs .

IAM Program Assessment

We start with a workshop follow-up with detailed assessment of current state and provide you with actionable roadmap. We have extensive experience in helping organization see through clutter, provide to-the-point quick-wins, help achieve measurable ROI on their IAM investments

Identity Governance QuickStart

We have unique offerings with pre-defined set of objectives to show value/edge of selected tools and solutions. QuickStart is custom solution tailored specific to your needs, business goals and benefit realization objectives           

Privilege Access Management

Are you struggling to get handle on orphan accounts that may include system accounts or accounts with privilege access? Do you have handle on how efficient the privilege access lifecycle for both human and non-human accounts is? We have helped clients in putting together and showing actionable result on privilege access management from implementation to governance and maintenance 

Strong and Smart Authentication

Single Sign-On (SSO) makes the foundation stone for successful authentication and authorization implementation that can balance between protecting a company while keeping it simple for the business and end user experience. In todays changing security landscape, we help you leverage best in class strong and smart authentication techniques with balancing security and business needs



We have implementation experience across IAM with both leading and boutiqe products. We are vendor agnostic. Our  experience allow us to provide clear recommendation that are tailored to your what is right for you and your business. 



Access Management is key to any successful IAM program. Our engagement adds value by making sure the risks are taken into account (think data cleanup) and have right user access the right intended application at last appropriate authorization

Process Automation & Optimization

We do complete assessment across all tools, processes, manual intervention to analyze and suggest ways the day-2 support costs can go down and are manageable. We have demonstrated upto 40% savings on number of hours spent in managing the entire IAM ecosystem. We leverage our custom process analysis, train and mentor your staff in ways to be efficient and develop mindset that is geared towards efficiency   

Role Lifecycle Management

Roles are art and not science. Our proven role methodology is based on past experiences and expertise on what makes a successful role program. A well defined and curated role program can improve governance, reduce risk and improve efficiencies including on-boarding, transfer and timely removal of access. We work with IT and business along every step to ensure your success with roles and its use



We help clients move from their legacy solutions to more modern and user friendly solutions that have kept up with changing trends the way identities are managed. We have extensive experience in IT modernization and solutions migration 



IAM starts with foundation question of "Who has access to what?". We have extensive expertise and are leading implementer of Identity Governance solutions (user lifecycle, certification, roles, custom dashboards, reports) from industry leaders

Data Completeness and Cleanup

Data completeness and cleanup are essential to the success, security and integrity of any IAM projects and any size. We have developed our own methodology and processes to ensure that the data in your source and target system match. We help your implementations from pitfalls of wasted time and cost by focusing on data cleanup and completeness as well as making it part of our implementation approach

External User


Internal users and external users and partner identities are not managed equally. We define programs, approach and execution of managing external users in a very efficient, actionable milestones starting with security, compliance and regulatory requirements as foundation

Discover How CredenceIA Can Help Your Business

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