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CredenceIA IGA Migration Center

Reduce risk, expedite IGA Modernization, and extract value.

CredenceIA’s Legacy IGA Migration Center

CredenceIA's IGA Migration Center (IMC) helps organizations to plan and automate migration from legacy solutions like SailPoint (and other IGA solutions) to Saviynt. The toolkit is designed, developed and put in practice with a set of accelerators that help reduce the migration time to Saviynt by upto 40%.


The toolkit provide organizations a jump start to export application data from legacy solutions such as SailPoint, automate import of applications into Saviynt at a rapid scale. For applications that require fresh setup, the toolkit provides factory approach to application configuration, requirements collection and management solutions. The IMC provides ability to do role analysis and mining to get the organization start with role based access control. During implementation, the IMC provides test cases for defining testing framework that the customer can customize. From planning to execution, CredenceIA IMC allow customers to realize time to value as little within weeks while potentially saving up to 40% time from implementation.


In addition to the migration from legacy solution to Saviynt, CredenceIA LMC provides advanced customized reporting capabilities, operational management to get the leadership a bird’s eye-view of “state of Saviynt” on a daily basis via dedicated Managed Services.

Solutions That Are Designed To Get Results Quicker, Better And Consistently

Faster Time to Value

  • Get results in weeks

  • Upto 40% effort reduction for faster application onboarding

Improve Compliance
  • Bring all critical application and its data in a centralized location

  • Know who has access to what

Reduce Cost
  • Do more with less with help of accelerators

  • Leverage framework, accelerators and automation to reduce implementation and maintenance costs

CredenceIA IGA Migration Center helps the organizations of every size and complexity to plan, build, operate, and manage successful migration initiatives that are tailored for their objectives, reduce risk, optimize operations, improve governance, and align with business goals.


  1. Faster time to Value: Designed by engineers and perfected by implementation experience, allowing jump start in addressing the legacy IGA systems inability to onboard applications quickly and/or inability to rollout new features quicker. Scalable to handle the growing number of users and devices that organizations need to manage, reduce performance issues and potential security risks.

  2. Automation: Address lack of automation with ability to migrate with streamlined processes that reduces the risk of human error, address inefficiencies.

  3. Flexible: Adapt to the changing needs of the organization, such as the integration of new applications, cloud services, or hybrid environments. Boosted by CredenceIA’s connector framework that allow on-boarding of any application from legacy, on premise, ERP, SaaS and more.

  4. Gain 360 visibility: Centralized visibility into user activities, leveraging Saviynt’s dashboard and analytics to monitor and detect potential security threats, process bottlenecks or compliance issues.

  5. Reduce maintenance costs: Reduce operational expenses and support costs with lesser manual processes for managing access that are time-consuming and error-prone.

  6. Accelerators: Get insight into how to migrate legacy data, automate application on-boarding, centralized library for how-tos, requirements, implementation aids, root case analysis and test cases. Centralized application management with factory model allow you to scale application onboarding that meet the demand

A well-defined and executed identity access management initiative increases user productivity, reduce risk and increase business participation by streamlining operations, centralizing access and giving an intuitive approach for your employees, non-employees and external customers or businesses to access the applications and data they need to do their job.

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