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Application On boarding Methodology

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Application on boarding methodology is a critical balance between technical and business prioritization and feasibility that determine effective realization of Identity Governance (IGA) implementation benefits. CredenceIA’s all-encompassing tailored solutions from advisory, implementation, and managed services allow CISOs and their teams to focus where the attention is necessary.

Why Application On boarding Methodology?

Application on boarding provides clarity and direction to otherwise chaotic ways to bring applications into IGA solution. We see organization considering embarking on IGA implementation journey or may already have completed their first phase, but struggle with how to take the implementation forward. If this sounds similar to your situation, CredenceIA team can help. Regardless of which tool you have or are considering – from home grown solutions, legacy (e.g. OIM, CA IdM), SailPoint, OneIdentity or Saviynt, we can help you by using our proven approach to application prioritized with our accelerators.

Application on boarding methodology has several benefits including

  • Standardized way to prioritize application with factors that matters the organization

  • No ambiguity on which application will be on boarded to IGA solution when

  • Direction to otherwise directionless IGA program

  • Ability to leverage IGA investment benefits and show tangible business outcome

  • Automation of user lifecycle, governance and risk reduction for on boarded applications

  • Ability to analyze access data for candidate roles, identifying excess access and/or high risk users

Ways to Prioritize – Where to Start?

Every organization will have a potential large number of applications that could be considered as candidate for IGA on-boarding. It is important to get applications in certain repeatable, reliable and organizationally acceptable framework that help prioritize applications based on a criteria. For example, grouping applications that are dependent on a single source (e.g. database or Active Directory). Another approach is grouping applications based on criticality and/or functions (e.g. financial, business critical). Or grouping applications based on compliance (e.g SOX, GDPR, HIPPA, SOC2 etc), usage patterns. CredenceIA team works with you on helping you come up with a framework that have multiple factors, and weight formula to arrive at a standardized score. We use the scoring and organizational input to prioritize application cohorts by phase or sprint.

Application Integration Approach

CredenceIA has developed set of framework, methodology and accelerators that help expedite integration of prioritized applications to the IGA solution. Combined with efficient management of the phase or sprint, application on-boarding and end-to-end time can be reduced by several percentages. Most importantly, such approach can show value to the stakeholders without running into risk of languished IGA programs that show no result and become directionless.

CredenceIA Application Planning and Management Engagement

If you are considering to start IGA implementation or have an existing solution in-place with or without a standardized IGA solution, the CredenceIA planning and management engagement can help.

Our engagement is designed to help you map out the key applications across organization, grouping an prioritization of the application by a repeatable framework that you can use. The flexibility of our approach allow you to prioritize applications and start on boarding as early as first wave of applications are identified. Alternatively, we can work with you to complete the prioritization of all key applications across organization and then start on-boarding. Regardless of the approach, what you get is clear direction and guidance from our expert team who work with you keeping your priorities in perspective.

About CredenceIA Consulting

CredenceIA Consulting brings over 20 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes and complexities. This allow CredenceIA Consulting advisors to get the best value and outcome within time and budget. CredenceIA Consulting provides advisory and implementation solutions. We have a successful track record of IAM implementations via our award winning team. CredenceIA Consulting brings value with its robust project planning, execution and management expertise.

CredenceIA Consulting’s all-encompassing tailored solutions from advisory, implementation, and US based L2/L3 managed services allow CISOs and their teams to focus where the attention is necessary.

For More Information, get in touch!

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