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How to Improve Healthcare Security?

Taking care of patients is critical and the core of the Healthcare industry. Equally critical is to protect sensitive patient and care provider information against data breaches, insider threats, ongoing compliance with regulations, and stay ahead to avoid a cyberattack. To safeguard sensitive information while providing smooth and frictionless experience to staff, a well-defined identity lifecycle and identity governance solution that is fine-tuned for the Healthcare industry is critical. The Healthcare industry is vulnerable to many threats. For example, more and more devices are connected to the internet, IT infrastructure is hybrid (on-premise + cloud), difficulties in protecting patient data, IoT in clinical systems, and ransomware. A bad actor gaining access to these systems or staff not authorized to access sensitive patient data is always in the mind of CxO and IT teams. There are reports1 that warns about the threat of increased cyberattacks esp. on Healthcare verticals.

The Healthcare sector will need to rethink the way they manage and plan for the contingency to avoid digital disruptions, reduce and manage risks of exposure to critical data, understanding of who is doing what. In addition, out of box thinking to address new-age challenges such as how do you plan and manage rapid user access management when the majority of critical staff could be at risk? Or, can new optics be applied such that IGA investment can be used to purge data to reduce one less asset to protect?

We at CredenceIA Consulting have advised clients, developed Greenfield IAM solutions, migrating from legacy solutions to leading-edge solutions, and come up with innovative offerings such as QuickStart implementation and unique Role Methodology. This point of view is a way to show how we can help healthcare vertical address the critical IT security risks via IGA initiatives such as Quickstart from CredenceIA Consulting.

Healthcare IT Governance Challenges

CredenceIA Consulting offers efficient and well defined Healthcare Identity Governance solutions that reduces the costs & complexity while improving security and efficiency

Get an edge on Healthcare IGA?

We have developed data security governance and management solutions for healthcare Electronic Health Records (EHR) applications and ancillary clinical systems with some of the leading IGA products.

Know your users and what they are doing

From the early days of IAM and then IGA, users were simply employees and contractors (non-employee) of an organization. In today’s complex Healthcare environment users are not only traditional employees. You need to understand key questions

  • Who has access to clinically sensitive data?

  • Is the least privilege access in place to secure Healthcare data and applications?

  • Are we able to enforce Policies and Segregation of Duties?

  • Are we protected from insider threats?

Managing user across each type is just step one. What matters is knowing what a user is doing and taking real-time (or proactive) decisions is what would set program maturity apart. This can only be done if you have a leading IGA tool which is capable of bringing data from diverse endpoints, use this data to come up with risk-based modeling, and make risk actionable.

Remember the mantra:

Don’t just give access – understand what a user is doing with that access.

Choose your Services Partner wisely

Not all System Integrator (SI) are created equal. Depending on the initiative, pick the right SI to ensure you can stay within the stipulated time, budget, and most importantly, can get expected outcomes. As you go through the selection process for the SI partner, make effort to meet and discuss with key team members about their past experience, the thought process, the technology, and implementation approaches. Ensure that the key players from these discovery sessions are going to be the actual team members, or have a certain time commitment to other team members who may be the boots on the ground. Remember, quality of work and wisdom on what works and what does not always come cheap. Cost or size of a firm is an important factor, but at times working with boutique firms brings its own benefits.

Migration is not as easy as it sounds. IGA tools are long term commitment and to better realize the value of your investment in an IGA tool require thorough vetting process and involvement of stakeholders across the enterprise. Equally important is to think about use cases and requirements and evaluating IGA tools across these use cases and requirements to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Get your IGA implementation right

Selecting IGA tool is one thing. Without the right partner and their experience/offerings, IGA investment has a higher chance of failure or lackluster adaptation.

It is well understood that for a successful IGA implementation, a well experienced System Integrator is important. For successful realization of the investment in IGA, you need a system integrator who has industry experience, is vendor agnostic, who has IGA experience from a wide range of offerings.

CredenceIA Consulting’s team comprised of highly experienced and high-quality resources including a dedicated team with experience across IGA offerings (from legacy solution to current/next generation). We have a dedicated team with a focus on IGA offers from leading providers. CredenceIA Consulting has a team of experienced resources at every level (i.e. from architect to engineer).

Why CredenceIA Consulting?

CredenceIA Consulting LLC specializes in Information Technology services to help companies solve challenges in technical implementations, operations, governance, risk, and internal audit. The company specializes its offering Strategic advice & Roadmap recommendations, System Integrations, and Program Governance in the area of Information Technology with a focus on Identity and Access Management, and Identity Governance.

Our experienced consultants have an average of 10+ years of experience with Identity Management (IAM) technologies. We are committed to our clients and we take pride in the quality of work we do. We realize that the work we do has a great impact on the day-to-day business of our clients, their end-user satisfaction, and information risk/protection. We consistently deliver the highest quality work with the best talent and high performing teams. Every client & project is different, and to that, we tailor our advice, approach, and implementation of each engagement. Experience the high-quality, consistent, and agile services and find a great partner & adviser who puts you first and not the $.

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